Regional Coordinating Committees

Regional Coordinating Committees 

Violence Prevention Avalon East is one of ten RCCs across the province. The RCCs are part of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Violence Prevention Initiative (VPI).

The Initiative is a multi-departmental, government – community partnership to find long term solutions to the problem of violence against those most at risk in our society – women, children, youth, older persons, persons with disabilities, Aboriginal women and children and other people who are vulnerable to violence because of their ethnicity, sexual orientation or economic status.

Violence Prevention- Avalon East (VPAE)
31 Peet Street – Tara Place, Suite 215
St. John’s, NL A1B 3W8
Tel: (709) 757-0137

Communities Against Violence (CAV)
30 A Cathedral Street
Harbour Grace, NL A0A 2M0
Tel: (709) 596-0726

Violence Prevention- East
ClarenvilleNL A5A 1K2
Tel: (709) 466-4676

Burin Peninsula Voice Against Violence (BPVAV)
60 Atlantic Crescent
MarystownNL AOE 2MO
Tel: (709) 279-4030

Roads to End Violence (REV)
157 Airport Boulevard
GanderNL A1V 1K6
Tel: (709) 651-2250

Violence Prevention- South and Central (VPSC)
5 Hardy Ave
Grand Falls-WindsorNL A2A 2P8
Tel: (709) 489-8828

Violence Prevention- West (VPW)
98 Broadway
Corner BrookNL A2H 4C8
Tel: (709) 634-6606

Southwestern Coalition to End Violence (SWCEV)
31 – 37 Gallant Street
StephenvilleNL A2N 3B5
Tel: (709) 643-1022 / 643-5399

Northern Committee Against Violence (NCAV)
279 West Street
St. AnthonyNL AOK 4SO
Tel: (709) 454-3351

Violence Prevention- Labrador (VPL)
Forteau, NL A0K 2P0
Tel: (709) 931-2600